Sanitizer Spray Gun & Aiqura Infrared Thermometer Combo
Sanitizer Spray Gun & Aiqura Infrared Thermometer Combo
Sanitizer Spray Gun & Aiqura Infrared Thermometer Combo
Sanitizer Spray Gun & Aiqura Infrared Thermometer Combo
Sanitizer Spray Gun & Aiqura Infrared Thermometer Combo
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Sanitizer Spray Gun & Aiqura Infrared Thermometer Combo

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Sanitizer Spray Gun

Method Use:

Insert the power cord plugs, indoor the rated sockets, press the conduction red start twist, after waiting for machine preheating heat about 40 seconds, when the green light is lit, the spray gun can begin gushing anion nano stream.

 Sanitizer Tank: Large capacity sanitizer tank, a tank of sanitizer can last 15-20 minutes, time saving. Durable to use. 0.26 fine vapor fog molecules can reach the hair root, allowing the hair root to receive nutrients.

 Compact And Portable: The compact body allows you to feel comfortable with the ergonomic design of the handle anywhere, Easy to carry, can be used in homes and beauty salons.

 Use for Disinfection: Sanitizing Spray Gun indoor/outdoor electric disinfection machine can produce very dry disinfection mist, which can deeply disinfect and purify the air, decompose and eliminate door, and improve the air environment. it can be used in offices, homes, rooms, hospitals, restaurants etc for disinfection.

 Compact and Portable: Small body for your convenience to use anywhere as a living room, bathroom or bedroom. The ergonomic design of the handle offers a feeling of comfort.


Pure water container, please be sure to add distilled water use.


Anion adjusts knob function description:

Adjusting knob of the anion of the instrument design patent device, adjustable steam anion nano particle size of water molecules, clockwise particles larger water molecules, normal use, advice is adjusted for blue mist state.


Product Parameters

Rated Power: 1200 w

Rated voltage: 220-240 – v /50 hz

Product Weight: 1.3 KG

Product Size: 22cm, 12cm, 21 cm

Water Bottle Capacity: 260 ml

Power cord length: 2.5m


Aiqura Infrared Thermometer

  •  6 Months Warranty 

Product Highlights
  • It provides the benefit of storing 16 sets of memories
  • Indicates if the temperature is high and can automatically shut down after usage
  • Data appears on the display so it is easy to read and record the data accurately
  • Just one click to test temperature making it quick and easy to use
A Iqura Forehead Infrared Thermometer treats all the objects whose temperature is higher than absolute zero. It will reflect a certain proportion of infrared radiation energy according to their own temperature. The frontal temperature gun is a kind of measuring instrument which uses the principle of infrared reception to measure human temperature.

It is used to measure the human's body temperature from a certain distance without coming in direct contact.

Product Specification and Features:
  • Display: Blue screen display
  • Characteristic: Non-contact, Multipurpose, No radiation & Fast and precise
  • Major Function: Celsius, Fahrenheit Conversion, Over temperature alarm, Data memory & Automatic shutdown
  • Normal use conditions: Operating ambient temperature:10°C- 40°C, Operating environment humidity:≤85%
  • Measuring Range: Body temperature pattern:35°C- 43°C & Surface temperature:0°C-100°C
  • Accuracy: 0°C-30°C≤+/-0.2°C,30°C- 45°C≤+/-0.1°C & 45°C-100°C≤+/-0.4°C
  • Measuring distance: 3cm-5cm
  • Measuring time: 1s
  • Automatic shutdown: 15s
  • Size:149mm*80mm*40mm
  • Power Supply: DV 3V battery
  • Weight: 90g (without battery)
  • Authentication: CE
  • It provides 16 sets of memory
  • It is useful as it indicates the high temperature by alarm

Fever Guidance:
  • When the temperature is 35.6 °C < T < 37.2 °C, the backlight is bright green
  • When 37.3 °C < T < 38.0 °C, the backlight is bright yellow
  • When 38.0 °C ≤ t ≤ 42.9 °C, the red backlight will be on
  • When T < 34.1 °C, bright red backlight for 3S, display “Lo”
  • When t > 42.9 °C, bright red backlight for 3S, display "Hi"

Directions For Use:
Read the manual carefully before use.

Safety Information:
  • Read the label carefully before use
  • Keep out of reach of the children
  • Notice: The probe part is the most precise part of the product. Please protect it carefully and handle it with care.

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